The foundations

The project started with the desire to offer different, unconventional and high quality ties, at a fair price. The project was born in 2015, after living for several years in India, from the desire to rehabilitate the tie and to showcase the Indian know-how in the textile industry. Our first collections were made with Indian fabrics, by Indian tailors, at a tailoring workshop in Bangalore, where Joseph (head of the workshop) and his team took the gamble of moving forward alongside us in this adventure. In 2017, we opted for a “Made in France” production, mainly for environmental and ethical reasons. Our French collection is handmade in Handysoie tailoring workshop.

Today, these two ranges co-exist and reflect what drives us from the beginning: to be “at the margin” from what the fashion industry offers, by focusing on quality, creativity and on respecting the workers and the environment.

Yikes l'idée
Cravates à la marge

Fabrics selection

Our fabrics come from the whole world and are found in textile fairs and specialized markets. We buy small quantities in order to frequently renew our collections and offer limited editions. Yikes picks up its suppliers carefully for their great quality as well as their respect of the environment and of good working conditions with the aim to make Yikes an eco-citizen project. And because we want to offer you stylish and unique ties, we take care to dig up for modern and original fabrics that stand out from the conventional ties, wore by everyone… We draw our influences from the street and rock culture.


From the very beginning of the project, we wanted to include a social dimension to Yikes. In 2017, we discovered Handysoie, a company based in Grenoble which employs tailors, ties-makers and people with disabilities. Our collaboration was meant to be.

Handysoie manufactures clothing accessories (neckerchiefs and ties) in the highest standards of excellence. This project is also a strong community-minded initiative that allows the integration of people with special needs into the working environment. Handysoie brings together non-disabled people and disabled people to work and create high-end clothing accessories.

In addition to Handysoie’s socially-responsible aspect, its excellence in terms of quality and production made them our first choice partner.

cravates branchée, cool, musicien


The cardboard used for our packaging is 100% recycled. We are committed, though this project, to minimize our environmental impact.

The team

We are 4 friends living in France, India and Mauritius, willing to rehabilitate the ties in France and Europe. Don’t let the bankers wear it, bring it out to the streets!

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